Equil takes quality as priority. We believe that quality must go beyond tangible things. 


EQUIL started in 2010 as an independent interior design studio based in Surabaya. We started our company with the sole purpose: “to give our customer the best design for their lifestyle according to their budget and needs“.

We put our focus on the client and learn their respective behavior before we start our design from scratch. Every details are our top concern and any small changes from the design will be communicated with the client beforehand, so that our perspective always matches with that of the client's expectation. We take pride in giving our clients a satisfying and hassle-free experience through the interior design process.

In 2011, by growing demand from our clients and realizing the increasing need for high quality and affordable custom furniture, EQUIL decided to open its first custom furniture workshop and interior contractor service in Surabaya. Utilizing latest technology and advanced tools, combined with fine craftsmanship from our in-house workers, we always strive to deliver only premium quality bespoke furniture in all of our projects.

Combining high-grade materials by meticulously choosing and inspecting each and every elements of the furniture before and after production process, we always give our customers a peace of mind and guarantee of quality from EQUIL.

From our early days up until now, we also have worked collaboratively with various renowned architects, interior designers, and developers to complement their projects with great interior design and high quality furnishing.

And now after almost a decade, we can proudly say that we have become a reputable full service interior design company in Surabaya. With our commitment to give the best design, service, and value, EQUIL continues to evolve and grow at a rapid pace to serve our clients all across Indonesia.